Wednesday, September 26, 2018

From Macrons to Macaroons... too many similar words!

On Facebook the other day, I posted:

Mmmm, for an evening snack, I had a single tasty lemony macaron! (Not to be confused with a macaroon, which is coconut, or a Macron, which is a president of France.)
One friend responded with this helpful image, for those who are visual:

Other comments added to the entertainment value of words whose spelling and/or pronunciation are reminiscent of each other, so the final list (at least, so far) is:

  • Macarena (a dance)
  • Macron (the president of France)
  • macron (a mark indicating a long vowel)
  • macaron (a layered cookie)
  • macaroon (a coconut cookie)
  • maroon (color)
  • maroon (as in Bugs Bunny saying, "what a maroon")
  • moron (similar in meaning to what Bugs is saying)
I'm sure that there are more.  No wonder young children can easily become confused when learning new vocabulary--and adults, too!

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