Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ization, What Goes Around, and beerhandedness

Yes, language evolves (sometimes in a pathetic, tortured way) as people create the words that they need (or that they think they need):
  • Heard on KCBS today, a spokesperson for some organization in San Francisco, discussing the "condominiumization" of apartments. Frankly, "condominiumizing" would have at least had one fewer syllables.
  • As a writer and editor, I often give people grief over their sloppy/casual use of language. You should have heard the roasting I got last night (in agility class) when I mentioned that "I attend an annual party every year..." Now, note that in fact the party could be an annual one that I don't attend every year; none-the-less I chose to let them have their say and then moved on to the real purpose of my blathering, which was to discuss:
    • Beer-handedness: The ability of one to play challenge croquet while holding a full beer cup in the other hand.
    • This goes in line with the agility people discussing the various subjobs assigned at agility trials when rebuilding rings of equipment, such as the Table Taker-Offer.