About Me

Words fill my world in a whirl of meanings, images, uses, and games. Language is the key to civilization, and it plays a part in all our lives from the moment we rise until the moment we fall asleep, and perhaps even between those times. How can one not be astounded by words and what they do for us?

I'm a technical writer and editor by profession and an occasional fiction writer by avocation. I blog regularly about my life with dogs at Taj MuttHall. I read constantly--fiction or nonfiction, doesn't matter. I own dozens of style and usage guides and, yes, have read most of them cover to cover. Because it's fun. Really. WHO KNEW that so many "rules" that you thought you knew aren't really rules at all?

I also dabble in photography. (Thousands of my photos are posted at my smugmug site; someday I'll collect some favorites so you don't have to wade through the snapshots.)

And I compete in dog agility with my dogs.

A few fiction-writing specs:

  • Graduate Viking, Clarion West 1998
  • Semifinalist, Writers of the Future Q2 & Q4 1989 ("Passover" and ... um... ?)
  • 1st Runner-Up Ray Bradbury Writing Contest, 1990 ("Passover")
  • Founder, Whensday People S.F. writing workshop
  • Member-on-leave, Wordspinners S.F. writing workshop
  • Published work (See my Locus listing):

(OK, I got a lot of mileage out of "Passover")