Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ex Pertinacia Victoria

[Oooh, found this draft of a post from 2009; apparently I never posted it. Here ya go.]

There are many useful online tools for helping with one's dog agility achievements. Like this Latin Motto Generator. You have to use their selection of words in various combinations, but I was able to choose an apt combo for what I have learned about agility training through the years:

From determination comes victory.

Here's an extremely useful site for generating your own Shield with motto and icon and everything--So that you can proclaim your love of agility or promote your favorite agility dog. (The previous generator that I found, back in 2009, didn't work consistently for long periods, and I became tired of waiting. I wanted to put the whole shield up along with the motto back then, but, dang, oh well, I might sometimes be determined but I am not always patient. Hence, the whole thing never posted.)

And that's one of my challenges, I guess. As long as I feel that I'm making progress, I may continue working on an issue. If, however, I'm not getting anywhere--or backsliding--and I've tried a few different things--as long as they're easy things to try--then, ah, crap, faggataboutit. Impatient for results.

And speaking of "to work"--off I go, to determinedly earn some $ for more agility.

From persistence comes agility entry fees.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such good websites. I plan to waste a lot of time playing with them.

Elf said...

I'm always glad to help someone else waste as much time as I do.