Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Idiomatic English Expressions--Learning Through Comic Strips

Great idea: This person is teaching English conversation in Brazil, and he has set up this blog (Natively Speaking Comic Strips) to clarify idiomatic expressions that appear in comic strips. He says: "Every day you will be able to learn a phrasal verb and an idiomatic expression in context through a comic strip on my blog... and if you have a Facebook account you will be able to write a practice sentence in a post on my wall... and then I will correct it in a comment to you."

He also has a facebook fan page for the blog.


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Elf said...

I know nothing about VocabMonk but I'm leaving the comment and link here because it is related to the post and the site looks valid, although it wants you to sign in via facebook, and I really really didn't want to do that without knowing more about their site. Go with caution, and I wouldn't if it asks for you friends list, for example.