Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Treasured Keepsake

I had the opportunity--not offered to just anyone--to obtain, for a mere $3.95 (what a bargain!) "The beauty of poetry--a treasured keepsake for a child you love." Now, aside from figuring out whether I in fact love all my nieces and nephews, or love them equally, or in fact whether any of them are worth $3.95 plus postage and handling, let alone whether they can truly appreciate the beauty of poetry reproduced on 8x10 parchment weight paper, ideal for framing, I thought I'd share their two examples with you:

M is for manly, so handsome, grand.
A is for amiable, friendly li'l man.
T is for treasure, talented, smart.
T is for thoughtful, caring heart.
H is for happy, so full of fun.
E is for expressive, devoted one.
W is for wonderful, an ideal boy,
that's Matthew, pure pride and joy.

J is for jewel, heart of pure gold.
E is for expressive, a happy soul.
S is for special, beauty that's rare.
S is for sweet, loving and fair.
I is for intelligent, bright as the sun.
C is for caring, thoughtful one.
A is for angel, a joy from Above,
Jessica, so precious, and so loved.

So I have a friend whose daughter's name is "K". Do you suppose we get a discount off our $3.95 for having only one letter? Or would it come out something like this?

K is for knowing, missing some letters,
frankly, I could've spelled Kay much better.

And I'll have to think for a while about the beauty of this particular poetry--"friendly l'il man"? Frankly I think it's the beauty of making the line fit on 8x10 parchment weight paper.

Because you're my personal friend, I'll let you know that you can go here to order your own treasured keepsake.

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