Sunday, December 11, 2005

B0o5t sat1sfact!on

Even with several layers of lovely spam filters, I get about 150 spams a day. I skim their subject lines because, once a week or so, some legitimate piece of email lands in the wrong place. Ergo, I am privileged to become intimately familiar with subject lines that are often boring, often schoolboy gross, usually crassly commercial--but sometimes filled with nothing but intriguing words, designed of course to get past the spam checkers that would be baffled by the vocabulary. For a while a few months back, every spammer, it seemed, found words from the hoary depths of the most obscure Scrabble or crossword puzzle dictionaries, but that trend has mostly, sadly, stopped. Yet some still arrive. Get out your dictionaries or explore at OneLook and get ready to play the dictionary game at your next cocktail party. (Which are real words? which not? can you tell before clicking the link? can you define them?):

Who knew you could learn so much from spam? I mean, other than by actually opening the messages to find out how to become twice the man you used to be, for example.

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